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About JamOnCam

Complete Video Access

1. Access to All Sessions

As the site owner you have complete access to every private video session. This is a great feature for training your associates.

Easy To Use

2. Complete Backend

Never run an online business before? No problem with JamOnCam. This easy-to-use software puts you in control.

Everybody Is Earning

3. Earn Income!

JamOnCam allows others to earn income at your site. You or your associates set the billable rate, plug-in a camera and mic to start...

48 Hours

4. Order your Money

We can put you in business in 48 hours! Start generating an income with this complete pay per view solution today!


5. Set your own rates

How much is your time worth? $75 an hour, $200 an hour - even more? You set the rates per minute.

Add-on Modules

6. Grow Your Business

JamOnCam is full featured and allows for snap on modules as you grow. There are dozens of add-on modules to consider.

How JamOnCam Works


I.Live Console

  • Monitor your online broadcasters, view their profile page, and send announcements
  • Control live broadcasts by setting the visibility of the broadcaster's show to Visible or Invisible or shutting it down

II. User & Groups

  • Group Listings: Create and edit groups to structure your members based on functions they will need to use
  • Group Permissions: Set permissions for the groups with our easy to use yes/no interface.
  • User Listings: Assist with account creation and manage users details, wallet and log in as the user to assist with troubleshooting
  • Users Permissions: Override group permissions at the user level for extra customer service
  • Cam Score Placement: Search and select the hosts you want to appear at the top of your site

III. Attributes

  • Profile Attributes: Customize the required and optional fields of the sign-up and profile pages

IV. Video Management

  • Video Listings: Search all videos by type and or user, edit video options and edit comments
  • Pending Videos: approve content, view reported videos, delete videos and run reports

V. Picture Management

  • Pictures Listings: Search all pictures by type and or user, edit picture options and edit comments

VI. Financial Reports

  • Easily check the bottom line by reviewing the Financial Reports for tokens purchased, broadcaster transaction, and payment reports. This report can be viewed by date (day, week, month, year, etc) as well as view the report as a chart.


  • Static Pages Editor: Add a new static page, edit the static pages, and search for a certain static page
  • Menu Editor: Add new links, edit links and manage links
  • Dictionary Editor: Control all verbiage on your platform through a searchable database of all terminology
  • Inappropriate Flags: Allow your members to help moderate your site through custom content flags

VIII. Settings

  • Merchant Setup: Insert merchant details of your choice to transact pay per minute and pay per view on your platform
  • Price Settings: Set per minute and per view prices, or give price-setting control to your broadcasters so they can manage pricing themselves
  • Site List: Replicate the site onto sub-domains and offer custom templates and filtered broadcasters on these sites.


  • See your site logo, view and set language of choice and view their profile
  • Set chat prices for private chats, group chats
  • Broadcast using the built-in broadcaster console or for stunning HD, use the HDWAVE
  • Break Room: Mute the microphone, take a picture, see if the session is recorded and go into free or group chat or simply change the settings.
  • Group Chat: See how long you have been chatting, edit settings, change text color, take a picture, edit microphone settings, view tips, go into private chat and set auto record
  • Media Library: Upload media, set media format, create a description and add a logo, encode the video by selecting the quality, upload more than one video at a time, manage videos, set video details, crop videos with easy to use drag-and-drop features and set prices for videos
  • Community Feature: Manage and view your message center, manage and view your friends, block users, block IP's, block countries, view and edit your schedule, view and edit your appointments.
  • Account Info: View signup documents, sales information such as any sold content and filter by date, week, month or even year.
  • Financial Reports: See what the broadcaster has earned by viewing reports such as total summary, chart, and list and filter by payment date, viewer email, content type, specific type and viewer


  • Set the language you want to use and view your profile and change time zones.
  • Set chat prices, edit profile, add a new broadcaster, edit the broadcaster's lists and sort them, view payment reports, view financial reports and studio summary list.


  • Set the language you want to use, view your profile and change time zones.
  • Edit your profile, view your latest info, view payment info, edit a template, update the site's logo, manage the sites SEO Meta Tags, view webmaster summary, studio summary, and purchase list


  • Set the language you want to use, view your profile and change time zones.
  • Edit your profile, view your latest info, view payment info, edit affiliate information on how to promote, banner generator, set broadcaster options, view affiliate reports, view affiliate summary report and purchase list.


  • View financial reports, tokens purchased, summary report of spending and purchased content
  • Compose, send, receive messages using your message center
  • View and manage your friends, view appointments, edit profile, view latest news from the site
  • Set the language you want to use, view your profile and change time zones.


  • Admin can enable/disable a splash screen with site details and a categories filter that greets guests to the site
  • Set the language of the site, login or create an account
  • Homepage Menu: home (broadcaster list), videos, top 10 broadcasters based on rating and search
  • Filter content by category, region or pre-set feature
  • Share on Facebook, Twitter, Email, LinkedIn, and other popular social media outlets
  • View broadcasters profile, ratings, and status; tip offline broadcasters; add to friends; send messages; view broadcasters friends list; view their personal details; view their prices, photos, videos, and personal details
  • View the broadcaster's name and rating, flag any inappropriate items, filter broadcaster's chat room by category, region or search, you will be able to see the chat room in a pop-up window, view broadcaster's that are online and offline, ask to chat with groups or private one on one, and tip the broadcaster
  • Search videos by categories or search by name, filter videos, view video thumbnails and details, purchase videos. This will be stored in your media library for future viewing.


  • Gives your broadcasters the power to create custom, one-of-a-kind websites which lets them stand out.
  • Through domain mapping, these sites can run on their own domain which
  • increases the value of the service with an extra layer of white-labeling.
  • When content is loaded in your JamOnCam platform, it is automatically
  • updated in the WordPress site.
  • Nothing is hardcoded. Broadcasters have complete freedom to create their own pages through their account to suit their needs.


  • Webmasters can start and manage their own chat site as an extension of your portal. Pay them a percentage of sales that originate on their site for driving traffic.
  • Offer site replication and unlimited domain hosting.
  • All transactions happen through your merchant account.


  • Allow working studios to sign up for your JamOnCam site and manage their set of broadcasters.
  • Payment options for hourly or per-minute fees controlled by admin.
  • Time funds payment history is reported to admin and studio 24/7.


  • Allow select/paying members to view but not participate in broadcasts.
  • Allow members to join on free or pay per minute basis.
  • Admin can set the rate for this feature or allow broadcaster to set rates.


  • Monthly membership fee to access additional content.
  • Exclusive access to additional videos on a fixed period fee basis.
  • Paypal, Epoch, Rocket Gate, Seg Pay or CCBill merchant account required.


  • Add unlimited languages to your JamOnCam solution.
  • Increase your revenue by entering other markets.
  • Control multi-language dictionary from the admin panel.


  • Automatically record broadcasts for immediate availability as VOD.
  • Set VODs to pay per view for easy residual income of archived content.


  • Allow members access to your pay per view site by calling a number.
  • Access is allowed as long as the member remains on the line.
  • Access is denied once the phone is hung up.


  • Build banners that include your Live Chat Hosts
  • When the Chat Host is online the banner will reflect this status
  • Promote your Chat Hosts who spend time online.


  • Identifies each visitor's IP address for fraud prevention
  • Access can be limited/denied per IP, region or country
  • Establish score for each access attempt based on Maxmind ratings


  • Add a forum to your site to build a community presence
  • Members can post questions, answers and comments
  • Receive instant email notifications when your posts are replied to


  • Members may add friends on the network and communicate
  • Search all registered members by name, username or email
  • View, comment and send messages on profiles, photo galleries and friends
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